October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Loving this elegant Halloween wedding inspiration board from Your Best Wedding!

Words cannot express how much I adore this dessert table from Intimate Weddings!

So chic and not so "in-your-face" Halloween - Photo courtesy of The Sweetest Occasion

And how could this photo not make your mouth water?  Yumm!

Happy Trick-or-Treating, Everybody.  Have a SWEET Halloween!

October 26, 2010

{Sweet Weddings} Danielle & Kyle's Wine Themed Wedding

October has been one crazy month!  First full month of school for us teachers, Parent/Teacher Conferences, weddings, cupcakes & events galore, starting up a new Wedding & Event Planning Service...the list goes on and on!  This past weekend was nothing short of pure craziness.  On top of making these 196 cupcakes, I attended a beautiful vintage themed Baby Shower for my cousin {more to come on that later}, and celebrated another year of life for my hubby! 

I am so happy with the way that this cupcake display turned out ~ and so grateful to Danielle for thinking of me and giving me this opportunity!

The inspiration:

For more photos from Danielle & Kyle's wedding, click HERE and visit my Yours Truly ~ Wedding & Event Design website!

I'm so thankful to have been a part of Danielle & Kyle's special day.  Everything from her dress to the decor looked absolutely gorgeous!  Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Mittskus!

October 21, 2010

BOOtiful Halloween Cupcakes!

I was browsing through my monthly InStyle magazine, and I came across a few shots of some cupcakes.  Of course, I HAD to bookmark the page so that I could look up the website later on.  I did, and I can't believe I've never heard of Yummy Cupcakes before!  I live in Orange County, and Yummy Cupcakes is in the L.A. area...I'm thinking a stop is in order soon!

They look adorable and sound delicious!

These ones are super cute ~ the Caramel Apple flavor looks and sounds delicious!

I'm not going to lie; the cupcakes above sort of freak me out.  Freddy Crueger?  It, the clown? Too SCARY for me! = )

Why is anything on a stick just so darn cute?

And of course, Sprinkles...Oh, how I love thee.   I love the simple and modern look of these Halloween cupcakes.  Sprinkles, located in Newport Beach, is very close to me.  Hmm...maybe I'll stop there first!
What's that I see?  Pumpkin Cupcake Mix?  I must get my hands on some of that!

Speaking of Cupcakes...I have been working like crazy (at my full-time teaching job), and preparing for the 180 cupcakes I have to make TOMORROW NIGHT for  Daniel & Kyle's Wine-Themed Wedding this weekend.  The cupcake tree (more about that later) is decorated and ready to go...now for the cupcakes and decorating!  I hope they turn out great for Danielle & Kyle's special day!

Have a Sweet Weekend!

October 17, 2010

Sweet & Salty Brownies

I saw these brownies on Bake at 350 - who saw them over at Baked...who invented these delicious-looking masterpieces!

Every time I am at Starbucks, the "Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate" calls out to me, and I have yet to give in.  I just might have to whip myself up a batch of these bad boys, stop by my Starbucks, and call it a day!

Click here for the recipe!
Photos courtesy of Bake at 350

Uh-huh.  This needs to happen.  ASAP.

Happy {almost} Monday, everybody!

October 14, 2010


My best friend Jen, {whose chic and elegant wedding I posted about here}, and I have been talking about starting our own Wedding and Event Planning service for quite some time.  Jen's sister Michelle, {who threw this gorgeous Bridal Shower}, has also been a part of our conversations and ideas regarding starting our own company.  Between planning my own wedding and shower two years ago, and planning Jen's wedding and events like her Lingerie Shower, we three started to realize that we make a pretty darn good team!

After much thought, planning, dreaming, and praying...we've decided to take the plunge.  Our company is officially beginning!
Our blog is still a work in progress, but it's a start! 

I didn't know where this blog, The Sweet Life Studio, would lead me.  Turns out...it's led me here!  I am so excited to get this started with these amazing ladies ~ and to see what the future holds for us!

Thank you to my current followers ~ and to all of the ladies out there who give me so much inspiration with their creativity every day.  I appreciate you more than you know!

PLEASE visit our blog ~ become a "follower" ~ and help us spread the word!

October 13, 2010

{Jen's Wedding} Photo Booth Fun!

Jen and Justin had a photo booth at their wedding.  The photos that guests took throughout the night also served as their "favor."  They got creative and provided props for the photos:  sunglasses, wigs, hats...you name it!  Photos printed out on the spot ~ and guests could go in as many times as they wanted.  So fun!

Here are some of my photo booth pictures from the night...

My sisters and our significant others tried to squeeze in for one shot {we have one 6'1 man and two 6'4" men in there}!

This picture describes our family in a nutshell. 

With the bride, a bridesmaid, and a friend.

The Bride & her Matron of Honor

Hubby and I.

And last, but not least...
This says "Christmas Card" all over it!

Guests put their photos in these chic DIY boxes that we made.  Just a silver box with a ribbon and a jewel, but so elegant!

If you are in the Southern California area, and you are interested in renting this photo booth, visit their website or call 714.493.1885. 

It is sure to be a BIG HIT!

October 11, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding!

Pictures from Jen's Wedding Day!

A special Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte for the bride.

Gifts from the bride!

Blinging the tree out with crystals and ALPHABETIZING!

Ceremony shoes

Opening our gifts!

Surprise gift from her soon-to-be hubby ~ a Kate Spade patent leather purse!

Reception shoes ~ my favorite!

Getting into the dress...


And so HAPPY!

In the Party Bus (it was a large wedding party), on our way to the ceremony.

Here comes the bride...

And they're married!

Hubby's first time on my blog!  Love him!

The gorgeous cake!

Tall centerpiece

Head Table

Favors from Jen & Justin ~ in a box for guests to keep their photos in throughout the night.  More pics from the photobooth to come.  SO FUN!

Low centerpieces


Jen and Justin couldn't have had a more perfect day of celebrating their marriage.  I am so grateful to have had the privilege of being a part of it!

{Click here to see Jen's Lingerie Shower}
{Click here to see Jen's Bridal Shower}
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