October 21, 2010

BOOtiful Halloween Cupcakes!

I was browsing through my monthly InStyle magazine, and I came across a few shots of some cupcakes.  Of course, I HAD to bookmark the page so that I could look up the website later on.  I did, and I can't believe I've never heard of Yummy Cupcakes before!  I live in Orange County, and Yummy Cupcakes is in the L.A. area...I'm thinking a stop is in order soon!

They look adorable and sound delicious!

These ones are super cute ~ the Caramel Apple flavor looks and sounds delicious!

I'm not going to lie; the cupcakes above sort of freak me out.  Freddy Crueger?  It, the clown? Too SCARY for me! = )

Why is anything on a stick just so darn cute?

And of course, Sprinkles...Oh, how I love thee.   I love the simple and modern look of these Halloween cupcakes.  Sprinkles, located in Newport Beach, is very close to me.  Hmm...maybe I'll stop there first!
What's that I see?  Pumpkin Cupcake Mix?  I must get my hands on some of that!

Speaking of Cupcakes...I have been working like crazy (at my full-time teaching job), and preparing for the 180 cupcakes I have to make TOMORROW NIGHT for  Daniel & Kyle's Wine-Themed Wedding this weekend.  The cupcake tree (more about that later) is decorated and ready to go...now for the cupcakes and decorating!  I hope they turn out great for Danielle & Kyle's special day!

Have a Sweet Weekend!


  1. yes I think I may need to stop in there too as I am in the LA area also. =)

  2. WOW good luck with those cupcakes!


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