November 27, 2011

Operation Christmas Lights

After living in our home for over two years, we are finally biting the bullet.  We're hanging Christmas lights.  

This is not our house ~ but do you recognize it from one of my all-time favorite movies?  {We are teachers living in Orange County...there's no way we could afford a place like this!}  Our house will look much more "quaint", as I like to say.  We're going for the gingerbread house effect.  If it looks decent enough when we're done, I'll be sure to post. = )

We also finally put up these globe string lights out on our patio that I got for my birthday in August ~ can't wait to see what they look like in the dark!

I want to put up all of my other Christmas decor, but it's 85 degrees outside...that's just wrong.

Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday!


  1. Home Alone is hands down the BEST movie ever! My whole family watched in on Friday!!! We love it! Did you know that house was actually for sale a few months ago? What a dream (:

  2. I love your cute gingerbread house! Seriously... a little jealous!


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