May 18, 2011

TomKat Studio Freebies!

If you're not following The TomKat should!  I am inspired daily by Kim's creative flair and brilliant ideas.  She started an ordinary little blog, and it has grown into an ever-booming business.  She's even gotten to meet MARTHA!

You can buy her party printables on Etsy.  She comes up with the most adorable themes like this Lollipop Sweet Shop!

She and her team also post lots of wonderful inspiration as well.

While I highly recommend checking out TomKat Studio's Etsy Shop, I also recommend checking out her FREEBIES!  Yes, they're free.  Here are just a few...

And you can download them all HERE.  Don't forget to follow The TomKat Studio though.  No one likes a free-loader. = )

Thank you, Kim and The TomKat Studio team for your inspiration ~ You ladies are amazing!

{all images courtesy of The TomKat Studio}

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