December 2, 2010

I Heart Early Christmas Gifts!

My husband and I have been making our lovely hand-me-downs work for two and a half years now.  We are SO thankful to have family who have lovingly handed their furniture down to us.  But, the time had come...for a new sofa.  It has arrived - and we love it!

Real pics coming soon!

This is our exact sofa - with the exception of the arms.  We ordered track (square) arms, going for a more modern feel.

Here's another shot of the sectional.  The chaise is "my spot."  I literally long for it when I'm at work!
 Now it seems that our old coffee table & end table don't "work" with our new sofa.  Bummer.  Guess we'll just have to get some more pieces. 

I have my eye on this cool end table from Crate & Barrel.

And we now want a leather ottoman with storage similar to this one.  We figure it will be good for kids - and those are my husband's words, not mine! = )

All I want to do is BUY these two items!  Ahh...if money grew on trees.  I'll wait and see what Santa brings me first!

P.S. Do you have a Bassett furniture store near you?  If so, stop in.  They are a very reputable company and they have great customer service!

1 comment:

  1. Haha your husband is right! That leather ottoman will be great for kids : )

    No Bassett here, heard they are fabulous though!



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