November 29, 2010

Family Pictures ~ Happy Holidays!

We had so much fun taking family pictures this weekend!  A friend of ours took the photos ~ she owns her own real estate agency, has three boys (4 yrs old, 2 yrs old, 2 mos old), oh - and she does photography on the side.  WHEW!  She is amazing and we are so thankful to have her as our photographer!

I'm writing this as I lounge on the chaise of our brand new sofa (Merry Early Christmas to us!) and sip on a hot chai tea latte.  The Christmas decorations are up and it is 49 degrees outside!  That is officially chilly winter weather in Orange County. 

 Happy Holidays, indeed!

~My hubby and I~

~Best sister-inlaw in the world, her husband, and their ADORABLE daugher Ella~

~Proud {and good-looking} grandparents~

The whole fam!

~The Guys~

~The Girls~

Blessings to YOU this Christmas season!


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