June 13, 2011

Love Me Some BRUXIE!

Allow me to introduce you to one of my new FAVORITE places to grab a bite to eat...BRUXIE!

Bruxie is a new take on the authentic Belgium Waffle. The "Bruxie" is unlike any waffle offered: the Bruxie is light, crisp, yeasty and not sweet. It's street food that's perfect for breakfast, lunch, mid day snack as well as a dessert or late night treat.

I like to sum it up in one word:  DELICIOUS

Here's the Bruxie Burger ~ pretty tasty.  I like the Bruxie Sandwich with Fried Chicken even better.

Such a cool little place on a corner in Old Town Orange ~ right across the street from Chapeman College.

Mmm...this was the first sandwich I ever tried.  It stole my heart and I was hooked ever since.

On Saturday my husband and I stopped in for breakfast {we had only been there for lunch before}.  This right here...CHANGED MY LIFE.  Don't let its simplicity fool you...or maybe that's what makes it so great.  You can't beat the sharp cheddar taste and applewood smoked bacon crunch.  Drizzle a little agave syrup over the top and it's out of this world!

I have yet to try a dessert waffle ~ I'm always just a little too stuffed after eating {especially if I get the fries}, but here are the next items on my radar:
Yes...that's PB&J 


I realize that this just might be my 10th post about the Orange Circle...but it's just that cool!  The antique shops, 1950's vibe, and unique cafes make it a must-see if you're ever in the Orange County area {pretty close to Disneyland and Angel's Stadium}.  And Bruxie is DEFINITELY a must~try.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I've been to many of the cafes in Old Towne but haven't been to Bruxie yet. You've definitely convinced me to try it! Thanks.


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