May 14, 2011

{Sweet Beignets} Cafe Du Monde

My husband has been working so hard on his MA degree {he's almost done!} and Beignets are his favorite!  My mother-in-law discovered this delicious French doughnut when she student-taught in New Orleans.  My husband has grown up eating these, and I am a me, they are delicious!

This is the first Saturday we've had where we could just RELAX for the day.  So, we slept in, and I fried us up some authentic Cafe Du Monde Beignets!

Fried dough topped with powdered sugar...what's not to love?

You can purchase your own Beignets here!

Watch how easy they are to make here!

A lovely little taste of the New Orleans French Quarter!

1 comment:

  1. Mmmmm! I love beignets! And there's nothing quite like eating them at Cafe du Monde with a cafe au lait watching the people walk by :)


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