April 26, 2011

{GENIUS!} Peanut Butter & Nanner Ice Cream

Being a teacher has its perks.  One of those perks?  SPRING BREAK! 

My husband and I are both teachers, so we have recently been asked this question quite frequently: "What do you have planned over Spring Break?" 

Answer:  NOTHING!

To say we've needed this time off is an understatement.  We decided to take a stay~cation this year, and we are loving it!  Lots of time spent with family, friends, and each other.  Time to get back into an exercise routine.  Time to do some small home renovations.  And of course, time to try some new food!

I saw Claire Robinson make this on 5 Ingredient Fix this week {ahh...the joys of watching Food Network at home on a weekday morning!}.  Anywho...she made this ice cream with only 3 ingredients...yes, 3 INGREDIENTS!

2 to 3 ripe bananas
1 tablespoon creamy peanut butter*
1 to 2 tablespoons honey {depending on banana sweetness}

Cut bananas into one inch pieces and freeze.
Put frozen bananas in food processor** and puree, scraping down sides periodically until smooth.
Add the peanut butter and honey and puree.
Serve immediately or refreeze until ready to enjoy!

* I used Laura Scutter's peanut butter and I added WAY more than 1 tbsp.  Hey, it's healthy, right?
**I don't have a large food processor, so I made my ice cream in a blender.  Worked just as well.  Just make sure to add a bit of milk to get the bananas going.

Trust me ~ it turns out into rich, creamy, all natural ice cream!  This is a must~ make! 


  1. Ah!!!! Thanks for this!!! I will be making it ASAP, looks fantabulous!!!! Happy Spring Break )

  2. Ash! Isn't claire fabulous? She reminds me of you. I love recipe's with 5 ingredients :) I have been on Spring Break and super busy. I am the worst blogger ever!! I have like 7 completed recipes and photos I just need to upload them! I'm making this next :) I need one day full of only blogging and no interruptions LOL


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