March 30, 2011

{Sweet Inspiration} Easter Gatherings

Adorable place-settings


Love these "Happy Easter" hanging Easter eggs.

{Find all of the above goodies at Pottery Barn.}
{find it at Crate & Barrel}

Author Janice Cole's "Memoir of Suburban Homesteading" shares the adventure of the booming backyard chicken revolution, from choosing a coop to the miracle of the first perfect egg. Charming stories and personal anecdotes are joined by 125 recipes starring the chicken and the egg, making it a great read for would-be homesteaders or simply fans of the farmyard favorites.

This book looks and sounds adorable!  Wouldn't it make the perfect Easter gift?


  1. Gorgeous. That table setting is stunning!

  2. I never used to be a huge fan of spring.. but now I can't get enough. Love all of your spring pictures!

  3. Love those hanging easter eggs, super cute idea!


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