March 16, 2011

Rainbow Cupcake Tutorial!

These bad boys bring a whole new meaning to, "Taste the rainbow..."

{image via Family Fun}

I was browsing around the web for some St. Patrick's Day cupcake inspiration.  I can't get enough of these Rainbow Cupcakes! 

Here's a seemingly easy-to-follow tutorial from Skip to my Lou. 

Happy Almost-St. Patrick's Day!


  1. I tried to do these with my daughter a few weeks ago and it was an epic fail....They came out tie dyed. lol. These ones look perfect!!!

  2. I totally wanted to make these for tomorrow... but.... too back St. Patty's day isn't on a weekend!

  3. My sister tried these from Family Fun for Savi's bday party at school.....I never saw how hers turned out but those ones are super cute!


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