March 5, 2011

Baby Showers Galore!

It's another busy weekend around here!  Tomorrow is my sister's baby shower so I'm busy making cupcakes and marshmallow pops {pictures to come!}. 

I'm at the age where I feel like I'm going to either a bridal shower or a baby shower every weekend ~ and I love it! 

Here's some Baby Shower inspiration for you {via Martha Stewart}...simply adorable.

{onesie cookies}

{baby blocks cake}

{nesting blue bird cupcakes}

{lollipop cupcakes}

I can't wait to meet Brooklyn Jane, niece #3!


  1. Oh martha how I love you! What great ideas, and how cute everything is! Have fun at the baby shower :)

  2. Love those cookies. Can't wait to see the photos from the shower!

  3. Thanks, ladies. Pics coming soon! And Martha...she is just another breed!

  4. Martha is my favorite gal ever!! lol I love watching her show to get ideas for everything! :)
    I can't wait to see pictures from the shower!!!
    Also, If you have not already, please check out my giveaway on my blog.

  5. That,Baby Block Cake makes me want another baby!!


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