September 1, 2010

Hurry Up, Fall!

School has officially begun, and I am ready for Fall!  Loving all of the Fall decor in the Pottery Barn catalog right now!

I know, I know...I'm a Southern California girl and I "don't know what true Fall is like."  But to me, if I can wear a scarf and boots, and it's below 80's Fall!  Hurry up and get here already!


  1. The first and very last pictures I ripped out form PB and have it in my inspiration folder. I LOVE those pictures. What a great collection of inspiration!!

  2. I love Fall!! It's my favorite!! My favorite time to decorate, bake, etc. I love all your pictures. When we get a house I'll hire you to help decorate!
    PS. Love the new heading!

  3. I know! I want to take that PB front door/porch and implant it on the front of my house!

    LA, thanks! I wasn't sure about it over the old one. Trying it on for size.


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