September 19, 2010

{Hand-Painted} Africa-Inspired Birthday Gift

Our cousin, Bethany Joy, just celebrated her birthday.  She has an adventurous spirit and a heart for service.  Last summer she spent two months in Africa, and she loved it!  I rolled with the African theme and made her the hanging block above.  I think it will look very cute in her college dorm room!

African prints and patterns were my inspration...
My original intent was to paint a "B" for "Bethany" on her block, but when I was finished painting all of the patterns, I loved the way it looked as is. 

I gave her a handmade African necklaces {similar to the one below} to tie the whole gift together.  The necklace wasn't handmade by me, but by an African child.
{Necklace Photo Credits}

Happy Birthday, Bethany Joy!

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  1. WOW I'm are a really good artist!!!


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