August 20, 2010

Only in my Dreams...

My husband and I have been married for two years now, and we have made our hand-me-downs {which we are oh-so thankful for} work for just about as long as I can take.  I am ready to finally choose a living room color scheme that we can live with long-term rather than buying decor that "will work with what we have."  I am really, really, really getting the itch to redo our living room.  Here's what I'm dreaming of...

Some of these items we already have; like the mirror, coffee table, and wood ledges on the top left.  Our coffee table was passed down to us from my in-laws.  It's not from Pottery Barn, but it looks identical to this one.  Score! Our mirror is actually an old antique oak mirror that we stained this dark brown color last year.  We registered for the archetype wood ledges from Crate & Barrel and ended up purchasing them for a discounted price after our wedding.  So what's left?  A sectional (that we will definitely not be purchasing from Pottery Barn), some throw pillows, and a rug.  Sounds simple enough to me!  Oh, real life, why must you get in the way?  You are too expensive!

A girl can dream, right?!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Dreams are what keep me going...keep on dreamn and I'm sure you'll get your living room sooner than later!

  2. We just got home from Macys Home and I felt like I was in Heaven. I want everything and have been DYING to decorate our little (currently a bachelor pad) apartment. I'm starting small and getting a new bedroom set... It's a start? Good luck on your living room!


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