February 21, 2011

"Time...is on my side...yes, it is..."  What?!  Who made that nonsense up?  More often than not I feel like time is not on my side...like there's just not enough time in a day. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, my husband got his wisdom teeth pulled on Friday afternoon.  We thought this was perfect timing since we had a four-day weekend.   I had freed up my schedule to devote all my time to him and his recovery.  Poor guy had a fainting spell on Friday night which scared me half to death {he is perfectly fine, thank the Lord}.  Low and behold...on Saturday night I got hit HARD with the stomach flu. 


This weekend has been one big reminder that things do not happen in accordance with my plan, that's for sure.

Enjoy this little irony on time...and these stylish clocks that are available out there!





Love that head board from Anthropologie! 

So long to the four-day-weekend that worked this household over!


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